General Rules:
Anybody smelling of marijuana will not be allowed inside.
Friday & Saturday Nights: No hats or headgear allowed inside.
Friday & Saturday Nights: Anyone under 18 must have skates on to be in the building.
All food and drinks must be kept at the tables. Please do not bring food/drinks onto the skating floor & please do not eat/drink over the side walls.
No sitting on or climbing over the side walls.
No walking on the skating floor.
Racing, tag playing, unruly skating and rough housing is not allowed at anytime.
Please do not carry children of any age while skating.
No foul/obscene language.
Socks must be worn with rental skate/blades.
No gum chewing in the building.
No smoking or vaping inside the building.
No in/out privileges.
No carry in food/beverages. Cakes are allowed with a scheduled birthday party package.
No refunds.

Dress Code:

No see-through clothing.
No belly shirts or tube tops.
No short shorts/skirts.
No visible undergarments – no sagging pants.
No explicit language or images on clothing.

Any person with unacceptable dress will be refused entry to Skateland at management’s discretion.